Valtellina News

ValtellinaNews website, affiliate to ResegoneOnline.

Also this online newspaper use the support of IdeaNews platform, with a personalized content management.

The graphic aspect is similar as ResegoneOnline structure, different in color and font. The layout is dynamic and it is suitable for screen resolution. It also has been realized a version for mobile dispositives.

With CMR is possible to manage the functionalities, the most important introduced are:


  • Inseriment of articles with multimedia content, author name and category membership.
  • Copy system and content approval on affiliate platform.
  • Highlight articles management
  • Shared use of day's Saint and kaleidoskope
  • Predisposition of statistics for every articles
  • Research and contact form
Also for ValtellinaNews has been predisposed an autonomous and personalized pannel for the banner management.
More information related the IdeaNews online editorial platform, visit this page.
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