Website for Topolino, a Walt Disney Italia publication. Realized in collaboration with CreeoStudio.

The web platform (managed through CMS) is built with HTML 5 and divided in 4 sections:

  • blog -> published posts, news and uploaded videos.
  • comics -> contents published in the magazine (story arcs, sagas, ...), issues on sale, character bios, authors ad Walt Disney Italia monthly publications.
  • games -> interactive section where users can play, challenge one another, download wallpapers and widgets, answer tests and questionaries.
  • community -> the site's social network. Registered users can comment, send messages, "friend" other users, "like" content, view rankings, create a personalized avatar, buy premium content with topoclicks (the website currency), exchange content with other users, gain badges.


The editorial functionalities on the website are:

  • schedule post publishing
  • post categorization and filter by author
  • uploading multiple video formats for mobile compatibility
  • manage events via calendar
  • "follow writer" function for the users who wish to be notified with every new post
  • autonomous creation of tests and surveys
  • multimedia content management (video, pictures and downloadable files)
  • highlighted content management
  • acctivate or deactivate comment function on different posts


Social media functions custom built for Walt Disney:

  • editorial staff can assign a reward for user generated content (post, stories, avatars, ...). This way, regitered users can earn points (topoclick)
  • editorial staff can publish premium content, buyable with topoclicks
  • search for users by username
  • view other users' profiles
  • comment management and moderation
  • "like" function: users can "like" website or user generated content
  • send messages, jokes and regards to the editorial staff via dedicated form
  • friend requests managing
  • view rankings for all users or just friends
  • users can earn prizes (badges) by completing actions in the website
  • dynamic avatar creation. Users can choose from four chracter types, choose the background, accessories and other aesthetic components. Every item is added by the editorial staff via CMS for autonomous management and constant content avalability. The system builds different hi-resolution images for each avatar (face, character, character and background, hi-res character and background)
  • users can exchange items and premium content. The exchange is like a real trade: user A asks for an item, user B names a price (using the website currency), user A can accept or refuse the offer.
  • some actions (i.e. item exchange) can generate notifications to keep the user always up to date.
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