Workbook The Language Grid

My space of The Language Grid is an english platform, available for students and teachers of The Language Grid to making and correcting the exercises in english.

The technologies used for the web application realization are:

  • Personalized CMS for data management;
  • HTML5 and CSS3 for the graphic development;
  • Javascript and Angular JS for functionality use.
The main features of the platform are:
  • Different access at workbook for teachers and students
  • Different reserved area for teachers and students
  • Possibility to do exercises on the portal for every student
  • Possibility to correct the exercises done for the teacher
  • Teacher can filter the students and do an advanced research
  • Visualize correct lessons and possibility to edit again
  • Management of profile

Other function realized for this site:

  • Development of grammatical sintax for create exercises for teacher. In this case the exercises come from different categories (checkbox, multiple answer, text,...) and have default answers.
  • Management of automatic correction (if possible) and dynamic correction included by teacher
  • Automatic calculation of lessons score through logics deals with customer
  • CMS management of lessons and exercises, exams and utilities (teachers and students)
  • Weekly block of lessons
  • Personalized calculation of the lesson's timer
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