• Kamaleont


    Kamaleont: a software which produces software! The developer describes the application through high level outcomes, Kamaleont builds the application automatically. Kamaleont has become a registered trademark the 02nd December 2016.
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  • GoalTube - Home

    GoalTube - Home

    Website for football supporter at amateur level
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  • www.topolino.it


    A new website built from the ground up by IdeaTech Srl. The graphical and functional restyling for the Walt Disney Italia publication was realized in collaboration with CreeoStudio. The new portal can be seen as blog, social network and interactive platform.
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  • Witch Magazine

    Witch Magazine

    Disney Italia's Witch website built in collaboration with CreeoStudio.
    Fluid layout, comment management system, quizzes and polls are just some of the features of this project.

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  • Bticino.com


    Graphic and technologic restyling of the web portal for Bticino, in collaboration with CreeoStudio. Management of products and associated documentation, textual and multimedia content is done via customized CMS system.
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  • Teo2


    Software used in sanitary structures for biomedical machinery management.
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  • Resegone Online

    Resegone Online

    Website of the journal Resegone Online, with custom features to allow autonomous management of banners and articles publication.
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  • Archimede


    Information management system designed for small and average-sized enterprises, assisting them during their whole productive cycle. Archimede is extremely scalable, easily customized and multi-user enabled.
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  • Pinetti official site

    Pinetti official site

    Official Pinetti website. Here you can find all the information regarding offered products and services, details about the manufacturing and materials, brick and mortar business information and the latest news.
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  • IdeaShop


    Dynamic e-commerce platform that allows autonomous content management via CMS. Item additions, creation of technical sheets, manufacturer management, sales profiles by user, order tracking, shipping and much more.
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  • Hello Kitty Team

    Hello Kitty Team

    Official website of the Hello Kitty sports team. Inside you can see information about the team members, their victories, photos of their acrobatics, latest news about the tour and gadgets on sale.
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Custom software to the cost of standard solutions

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In a quickly evolving world, the only things that can guarantee continued high-level of service and solutions tailored to the needs of the customers is a solid and world class expertise.

We at IdeaTech provide you with the full range of tools and services, including development and maintainance of customized software, to meet at best your particular business requirements and aimed to bring your company at successful growth

We are a leading and dynamic IT company based in Lecco (50 km far from Milan), with deep expertise in many areas: software analisys and development, information management systems, IT consulting, tribute management and local administration, high volume printing software, complex WEB applications, e-commerce, design and development of data-driven web sites, electronic document management.

Providing the best technology, expertise and efficency is the foundation of each and every project we are involved in. It is our way to guarantee to our customers outstanding results and a safe investment in software and IT.




IdeaTech develops customized softwares with standard solutions' prices, creates complex web applications for data stream management, offers IT solutions to local administrations for the management of tribute collecting, builds top of the line websites to give its customers a strong online presence, develops mobile apps for tablets and smartphones and offers e-commerce portals for products' and services' sales.

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IdeaTech performs analysis and planning customised softwares basing on the business needs of the clients, offering a valiant IT consulting and remote support to registered customers. IdeaTech implements solutions for the management of tax collecting and data processing. Moreover, IdeaTech designs dynamic websites with CMS,e-commerce and mobile app for tablets and smartphones.

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